We would love your help!

Getting a business off the ground is hard work, but we love what what we do, and are determined to make it happen. That said, it will be a much more ugly process without our communities love and support. Any help you can provide would be extremely appreciated. Don’t hesitate to contact us at hugsurbanfarm@gmail.com if you can be of assistance.

Here are our 5 most pressing needs/wants:  Thank you so very much. We love you!

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2.  Spread The Word – Tell your friends and family about us, and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter so we can share neat goodies with you.  And please please please like and share our stuff as often as you can so the Hugs Farm love can spread around the universe.

3.   Share Your Land – We are currently in search of new land to farm in town.  We are looking for sunny, mostly flat plots of at least 1000 sq. ft. that are in the city.  We typically trade a weekly vegetable/flower share in exchange for use of the land, but other arrangements may be made.  Don’t have land yourself?  Perhaps you know someone who does?  Spreading the word about our land search would be extremely helpful!

4.  Donate Supplies – We would really appreciate your donations! Current needs include:

  • old washing machines (spin cycle needs to work)
  • window A/C units
  • plastic storage totes
  • garden hoses
  • tarps
  • landscape fabric
  • greenhouse plastic
  • 6ft fencing
  • fencing posts
  • pressure treated lumber
  • compost / soil
  • extra seeds
  • steel electrical conduit

5.  Demand Local – Tell the restaurants and grocery stores that you frequent that you’d love to see more local foods being offered, particularly from Hugs Farm 😉  By demanding local and purchasing local, we can make our community more fruitful and resilient.

Thank you so much for any help you can provide!

2 thoughts on “We would love your help!

    • Thanks for the offer Sarah! We are currently only interested in land within Bloomington city limits, but we really appreciate you thinking of us. Take care, Nate

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